12 Years Ago Today

This morning I miss my father more than usual. He died of cancer 12 years ago today. I would personally like to thank him for some things:

  • The gift of life
  • Working hard to keep us from going without as a family
  • The time he spent teaching me guy things
  • Teaching me how to work hard for long periods of time
  • Teaching me how to love a woman and be faithful to her
  • Telling me he was proud of me when I accomplished something
  • Teaching me that saying the words “I love you” can never be too late in coming
  • Showing me that God is merciful to us and accepts us not matter what we have, or have not done, or where we are in life
  • Showing me that the face of courage can have a tear in it
  • Giving me the confidence that I will see him again

I hate to tell any of you this but he was a good man and is worthy of praise!


A husband, father, xav8r, Jesus follower from Detroit who works in IT, enjoys hockey, college football, and a cigar. Currently geographical status is a northerner exiled to the south!

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One comment on “12 Years Ago Today
  1. Robert says:

    Well said brother! You are not short in the eloquence department!

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