Samson is an unlikely character

Most people think of Samson as a failure or someone who had been given much from God and squandered it all.

I hate to tell you this but Samson is a beacon of hope for all of us.

He was chosen and gifted by God to do great things. Like all of us.

He screwed up his life because of pride, lust, and sin. Like many of us.

When it was all said and done, and Samson was at his lowest he finally humbled himself and prayed. Like many of us.

Then God out of his mercy granted Samson’s prayer and he did a righteous act as a last demonstration that God was with him. Like some do.

The key to the story is we all have a bit of Samson in us. We try and do many things in our lives without acknowledging God. Even though anything good or positive we do is God’s work not ours.

I am not a humble man and this story shows me how Samson-like I am. I pray that I will humble myself and submit all that I have and do to God. Samson is an unlikely character of hope. Samson shows me is that God is just waiting for us and he is always there to grant us our prayers no matter how long it takes.


A husband, father, xav8r, Jesus follower from Detroit who works in IT, enjoys hockey, college football, and a cigar. Currently geographical status is a northerner exiled to the south!

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